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5 Tips for Launching Your New Leadership Job

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When you start a new job, what’s your plan for getting acclimated to your new role? Do you even have a plan? Throughout the years, I’ve observed leaders – either coming in from the outside, or transferring departments – launch their leadership journey. The most successful ones start their new job before they report to work on their first day. Why? Because they understand that to hit the ground running on Day One, they must take prior action.

Below, I chronicle the actions of a fictional leader “Tracey”, a recently hired director-level manager. Tracey’s story is a compilation of the many leaders I’ve observed over the past two decades, and how they’ve successfully integrated into their new role. If you’re thinking of making a job change, read on to learn five tips to launch your new leadership job.

Transitioning to a New Job: How a Newly Hired Leader Hits the Ground Running

Tracey starts her new job today. She is the incoming director of quality for a manufacturing organization, and she’s ready to hit the ground running. Tracey is going have a successful first 30 days in her new role. Why? Because she has made the transition into new organizations on several occasions, and she’s learned a few things about how to go from unknown entity to respected leader in short order.

Tracey’s plan for success started well before her first day on the job. She brings with her a solid track record — having garnered national industry awards for her previous company and high employee-engagement scores on her organization’s annual employee-satisfaction survey. So she knows that being “ready to roll” on day one requires some preparation and coalition-building. Here’s what Tracey did to prepare for her new gig.

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