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Here are 5 Tips How to Increase your Adaptability

Source | LinkedIn : By Daniel Urs Schwer

After having friends and colleagues often ask me why I get along with so many people from around the world, I decided to share here some tips which hopefully are useful to you as well.

”Daniel why do you like so many people and get along with them easily?”

At the beginning I often answered: ”Well I grew up with my parents running a restaurant, so I guess through the exposure to so many different people it is just in my blood.” This is for sure partly true however moving on in my life I realized that it is not just talent that connects you with people. Everyone can do it if they want to.

Everyone can learn how to connect with people, but you need the desire to do so or you will always fail.

After travelling to several countries and living in four different places either for work or school I started to realize the importance of adaptability.

Adaptability is not only important when moving to another country or starting a new job, it is essential in day to day interaction with the individuals you meet.

I use the word individual deliberately because it already implies that no person is the same and therefore we can already conclude that treating everyone the same way will be not efficient.

What we need is the ABILITY to ADAPT -> ADAPTABILITY

Don’t get me wrong I am not talking about doing whatever others want, abandoning your principles or change yourself entirely to fit in every where and to make everyone like you. What I am saying is that with adapting, even sometimes in small steps can help us to get where we want.

I might add that there are of course people who will say you don’t adapt, you just imitate to be liked. For me there is a big difference between imitating and adapting.

Adaptability is not imitiation. It means power of resistance and assimilation” – Mahtma Gandhi

When you imitate you risk losing your principles but when you adapt you keep those inner rules always close at your side, they show you the path and set the borders on how far you can or want to adapt. Adapting is then not about losing yourself but about opening up your perspective.

As Bruce Lee’s quote says, water adapts, but it still remains water

So how can we adapt to to others in order to build up stronger relationships, trust and likeability without loosing our own principles?

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