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5 Undeniable Signs It’s Time To Leave Your Job

Source | LinkedIn : By Kathy Caprino

For many years during my 18-year corporate career, I remained in a number of roles I disliked, and a few of them were a terrible fit. Now I see that there were some critical factors that influenced my strong resistance to make the changes I needed to, including worries about money, self-esteem issues, confusion as to what I really wanted, reluctance to start over in a new job, and just plain fear.

Now, after two reinventions and running my own coaching and consulting firm (and loving it), it’s clear that in my corporate life I also lacked an essentially important mindset– an entrepreneurial approach to my work and professional life that would have help me be more nimble, flexible, brave, resourceful, creative and innovative in my efforts toward building a livelihood that would joyfully match who I really am, on the inside. Instead, I stayed stuck in a tight box of my own creation, because I didn’t understand how it truly works, to find roles we love, be well treated and respected, achieve great compensation for our work, and thrive in it.

My research with professionals reveals that there are five undeniable signs that you need to change what you’re doing – either by modifying your specific job or shifting your entire career. Sadly,

so many professionals stay stuck in complete denial about these signs, because they’re just too frightened to heed them and take proactive measures, until crisis hits and forces them to consider a new direction.

The five signs that you should leave your job or change directions now are:

#1: You’re unhappy most of every day doing this work.

This is not brain science here – the clearest sign that you need is a change is how you feel about the work you’re doing every day.

The majority of the time, are you feeling unhappy, depressed, thwarted, bored, misunderstood, mistreated?

Do you feel that the “real you” just can’t come out in this job, and the way you love to work isn’t honored or respected? Do you wonder how you ever ended up here, and fantasize daily about doing something very different?

Don’t be in denial about your feelings – they’re pointing you to a very real situation that needs to be dealt with. Remember: You don’t have to be miserable or lose your sense of self in order to be gainfully employed.

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