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5 Ways A Leadership Degree Can Help You Land An HR Job

By | Gabe Nelson |

Finding the perfect job is challenging, but securing the perfect job is even more difficult. Positions in Human Resources are sought out by many people who enjoy working for and with other people. 

There is more to an HR position than you might think. They are the front line for employees and a voice for management. HR positions are comprised of a variety of demands, recruitment, employee management, and personnel policy creation are just a sample of the tasks completed. 

With so many duties to be prepared for when looking into this type of role, it is difficult to know how to stand out. To help you avoid being lost in the resume pile, here are 5 ways a leadership degree can help you be the best candidate for an HR position.

1. Decision-Making Training

In an HR role, you will have many decisions to make that cannot be taken lightly. Every day HR representatives make decisions that greatly impact the company they work for. Building personnel documents, analyzing employee benefits, and preparing training can all fall under the human resources umbrella.

Another important part of the HR position that impacts existing employees and management is recruitment. There are many factors that go into deciding if a person is right for a specific role. Finding the perfect candidate can be difficult if you do not have great decision-making skills. Through the process of earning a Leadership Degree, you will learn effective ways to make the best decision. 

2. Communication Skills

Knowing the right thing to say and the right way to say it can take you far in your career. As business communication moves further toward electronic means, it becomes more difficult to communicate effectively. Learning the appropriate way to format a memo or write an email meant for a large group will make you stand out as a candidate.

All communication in the business environment is important. It’s not only board room speeches and upper management proposals. The ability to write understandable procedures and company announcements is needed to thrive in these people-centric roles.  

Not only will you be able to connect with people on a large scale, but learning to communicate effectively will aid in managing conflict. HR is the front line for employees to bring their grievances. Having additional training in de-escalating these issues will be a stand-out quality for your resume. 

3. Learn Leadership Approaches

Leadership Approaches

To be an outstanding member of an HR team, you will need to know different types of leadership and how those styles match up with various types of workers. By having a Leadership Degree, you will be prepared to match one to the other. 

Coming into an established company can be difficult if you don’t know how to read the leadership styles being employed. Connecting specific candidates to the manager they will be most effective under is a key skill for a Human Resources employee. 

You not only balance personalities but also motivational techniques and preferred styles of interaction. Getting extra knowledge of what traits relate to which styles of management will help you to make the best decisions while working in the HR department.

4. Lead a Team

Through Leadership degree programs, you will learn to lead a team. When you start your career in HR, having the ability to manage a team will help you stand out. From a short term project to managing an entire department, it is important to know how to keep things moving. Leading a team is not a skill that everyone can boast.

There are many styles of leadership, and knowing the right one for the team you are a part of will help the department run smoothly. Even if you are starting out in an entry-level HR position, it is important to bring the skills associated with leadership. Being an effective leader is crucial to progressing in a career.

 Many employers look for growth potential in their new hires. Having a solid understanding of team leadership will show initiative on your part, and give them the ability to provide you with upward growth as part of the company. Leading small teams can set you up for leading a section or department.

5. Ethics Education

In the modern business world, ethics are a complex and evolving part of daily life. As a member of an HR team, it is important to have a firm grasp of appropriate behavior. Human resources provide the personnel policies in most cases, making it your duty to understand what items are controversial in company behavior. 

A mistake in ethics can cause major headaches for the company. Going through a degree program that covers modern ethical concerns is important to be considered for a role in human resources. This training will help you to recognize issues in current policy and to work with employees when they feel there has been a breach of their rights. 

Due to legal issues that may arise with these policies, it is vital to have formal knowledge of issues that may come up. Anything from discrimination against employees to improper managerial conduct could come up. As an HR employee, you will be at the center of mitigating damages from unethical behaviors.

These issues can cause unrest amongst investors of the company as well. The stakes are high for companies when it comes to breaches of ethics. Being able to show a firm grasp of today’s ethical standards will make you a top candidate.


There are many ways to stand out in an interview, but being a top candidate is hard without the proper qualifications. Positions in Human Resources require you to wear many hats. Making sure you are prepared for the various needs of the role will help you get the job you’re after. 

Having a Leadership Degree is a great way to show you’ve been trained in the skills necessary to be a productive member of any HR team. All that’s left is to get out there and get that position! 


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