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5 Ways for Solopreneurs to Sustain Momentum and Thrive

Whether you choose the solo route or not, so long as you have passion and purpose, you have the power to make a positive impact on the world

By | Tony Tran |

Recently, my wife quit her job and started her own coaching and consulting practice, Alexasia Coaching & Consulting, to help guide people on their personal liberation journey and realize a sense of freedom and truth. Like most solopreneurs, she is passionate about her purpose and wholly committed to being successful by doing what she loves. I’ve been so impressed by her ability to problem solve and multi-task on her own, but it’s also made me realize how challenging the solopreneur experience can be.

While all solopreneurs are entrepreneurs, all entrepreneurs are not solopreneurs. For example, while I was building Lumanu, I had a team of investors, advisors and employees to rely on, whereas my wife acts as CEO/CFO/CTO/CMO all wrapped into one package. I have engineers to help build our product, but my wife’s product is herself. Not only is she the founder and creator of her business, but she is also solely responsible for producing and delivering her services. Comparing her experience to mine has opened my eyes to just how many privileges I’ve experienced as a venture-backed founder.

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With more than 41 million American adults currently working as solopreneurs, many of whom participate in the creator economy, solopreneurs will continue to be a driving force of future economic success. Last year alone, YouTube paid out over $30 billion to solopreneur creators. And that’s just one company. But how can solopreneurs sustain this level of momentum?

1. Access tools tailored to their needs

One of my wife’s greatest assets is her time. But to make the most of her available time, she needs technology and tools to help her — and her business — thrive. One of her favorite tools is Kajabi, which she used to build her website and develop and sell online educational classes to target clients. Canva has been another indispensable resource, helping her design compelling content and materials from scratch — from e-books to graphics. A major benefit of tools like these is that solopreneurs can use them to fulfill multiple business needs, streamlining the number of apps and platforms they need to visit on a daily basis. 

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