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5 ways Indian companies can boost women in technical roles

Source | The Economic Times

In India’s IT and BPM sector, women fill 51% of entry-level jobs, according to Nasscom.On average, women fill 35% of tech roles in India, compared to only 21% in the US.

But a looming problem remains -50% of Indian women leave the technical workforce at junior and mid-level positions. This dropout is problematic for companies because recruiting, retaining and advancing women technologists isn’t just an aspiration; it’s a business imperative. Here are five areas Indian companies must focus on to boost women in technical roles:

Change starts from the top down
Many company program mes and policies are designed to attract more women into technical roles, but these efforts won’t add up to real change.

The only way to create real change is to connect diversity efforts with a business’s top and bottom lines. Indian business leaders must view diversity as a strategic imperative and as a priority across the organisation.

Measure and establish consistent definitions of success
I firmly believe that what you measure, you will change. Indian tech leaders must establish a consistent definition of the technical workforce, something we have accomplished in the US with ABI’s Top Companies for Women Technologists, the only nationwide programme that provides a consistent definition of the technical workforce and benchmarks organizations for their representation of women technologists.

It is crucial for business leaders to have common measurements for success and ensure that women and advance through the ranks.

Plug the leaky talent pipeline with senior role models
Women in senior technical roles are critical to recruiting and retaining younger female technologists and to fix the leaky talent pipeline among Indian women.

Unconscious bias, stereotyping and work-life balance issues exist everywhere, but unique cultural challenges facing Indian women make it harder for them to stay in the technical field.

So, what’s the solution to this female brain drain? It’s important for young women technologists to see role models who they can relate to at their organisation.

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