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5 Ways Salesforce Development Is Leading The Business World

By | Rebecca Siggers

Salesforce is one of the prominent cloud-based CRM applications widely used by small, medium, and large businesses across the world. It offers one of the simplest platforms for marketing, sales, and service. The main advantage of Salesforce technology is that it is easy to deploy and operate without technical knowledge. There are many Salesforce Training courses available that helps one to use the CRM to its fullest capability.

Salesforce development involves designing applications that are compatible with the Salesforce platform. This mainly involves two programming languages – Apex and Visual force. Salesforce development company experts prefer the technology over its counterparts due to its architectural multi-tenancy and capability to design multiple applications and services with ease.

Salesforce CRM is a proven way to redefine customer-business interaction. Using Salesforce forms helps maintain all the records efficiently. Despite many such CRM platforms, Salesforce Development is leading the business world due to the following reasons:

1.   Comprehensive Reporting

Reporting is indispensable for any business to assess its progress. With a blend of strategic approach in generating actionable data, Salesforce development helps develop reports that are a step ahead compared to other tools.

The Salesforce Analytics tool offers many inbuilt report formats. Besides, businesses can also customize the reports as per their needs. The AppExchange contains dashboards designated for various roles like marketing, sales, and support – individually. Also, these dashboards are of plug and play type and demand minimal technical knowledge to work. That explains why companies love working with this CRM tool.

With centralized storage and view, the data analysis is faster with the Salesforce tool. There is also a wide range of tools and plugins available to generate custom reports as per business needs. The creation of high-quality reports for CEO needs is quick and simple with Salesforce development.

2.   Efficiency, speed, and flexibility

Salesforce platform cuts down the integration time from months to days or weeks. This speeds up the development process and thus saves the companies’ budget too. Salesforce tools come with a single platform-based API that removes the need to install and maintain various tools and technologies in enterprises. The API is secured, approachable, and understandable for all levels of users.

The integration of new applications with the existing ones is also easier with Salesforce. This makes it convenient for small businesses to get started as per their current needs. They can easily upgrade in the future as the business grows.

3.   Competitor analysis and predictions

The competition in businesses is immense. It needs constant analysis of competitors’ performance and strategies to ensure that it is not out of the game. In practice, this might need analysis of tons of data and also is a time-consuming process.

Salesforce Einstein is a service that encompasses the power of Salesforce development and Artificial Intelligence. This helps marketers in prediction, analysis, and arriving at various conclusions related to business.

Competitor business attributes such as the number of employees, market share, revenue, etc. are easy to analyze with Salesforce development tools. By setting a specific criterion, the sales team can gather a comprehensive set of data that precisely matches their requirements. With such features, companies can easily track their development, compared with their competitors, and tweak their sales strategies accordingly.

4.   Enhances Mobility

Salesforce development supports mobile apps of businesses and lets the employees work through the apps, allowing them to stay productive on the go. Sales data can be massive at times. Though this might be comfortable for desktop operation, mobile devices sorting and searching can be a time-consuming task.

Salesforce mobile apps eliminate such hassles by offering customizing features to the user. It is built with many mobile-specific organization settings that let employees work comfortably even on smaller screens. They also receive the latest updates on sales, leads, and insights of real-time market and business trends on their mobile devices. It is a prime feature for businesses that cannot compromise productivity due to their employees’ location.

5.   Simplifies development and smoothens project management

Marketing and sales teams do have many better-achieved tasks when recorded and tracked by an efficient tool. With its multiple features such as calendars, email, and custom reports, Salesforce development achieves this precisely. Ultimately, such features help boost the performance of the sales team. This also means an increased time to get to know customers better, improve the lead conversion rate, and, hence, add revenue to the businesses.

Salesforce development offers seamless project management and collaboration among teams. There are various tools in Salesforce development that allow the same.

Salesforce Process Builder simplifies custom task allotment for individual team members. The tabs are demarcated and indicate the tasks assigned to the respective team members. Features such as file sharing, setting reminders, and email notification ensures effective communication and collaboration within the team.

Chatter is another Salesforce tool for project collaboration. Chatter is an indispensable tool for teams that work on multiple projects simultaneously with its chat feeds, notifications, alerts, polls, and tracking features.


Salesforce development provides customization of many tools that sales and marketing teams require. With its drag-drop and customize features, the technology also offers team collaboration and task management for sales and marketing teams in simple steps, showing unmatched results. Salesforce development is comprehensive yet customizable and meets the needs of big and small businesses alike. 

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