5 Ways Small Businesses Can Use Digital Branding to Stand Out

Create a brand that truly distinguishes itself

Source | | Christina-Lauren Pollack

Put very simply, digital branding is your virtual footprint on the web — from logo and colors to the tone of voice used in online communications. Such brand identifiers are what sets a company apart from competitors. Whether the goal is to build a multi-million-dollar ecommerce business or a successful home-based company, creating a digital brand is the first place to start.

Five key concepts to think about:

1. Logo and brand colors

It’s vital to have both of these match the feel of a company or product — visual elements that tie into what is unique about you (and your company), so that when people see them, they immediately know who you are. Naturally, this happens over time as you build brand awareness, but having a strong visual identity from the start will expedite the process. I recommend creating a brand mood board, including images and graphics that inspire you and reflect your vision. This will make the process of developing a visual identity more intuitive, and telling. It’s also a great way to communicate your vision with a graphic designer. To save time and money while still getting pro-quality results, consider hiring a freelance graphic illustrator or designer from online portals like or For a thrifty investment, you can get a logo created in just 24 hours.

2. Use of color psychology

Make every element count by applying this term — broadly defined as the study of how color affects behavior and decisions — as a part of the branding process; you’ll be amazed at the scope of impact small tweaks will make. Colors have been proven to have emotional and psychological effects, making it vital to choose those that accurately and engagingly reflect the message you want to communicate. For example, navy blue is often viewed as a traditional, reliable and practical hue — which makes it ideal for accountants and law firms— whereas lime green exudes a futuristic and tech-forward vibe, so might be a winning option for software companies

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