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5 Ways to Ace Writing an Interview-Ready Résumé

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Most of us get stuck when we sit down to write our résumé.

Is the format right?

What should or should not be mentioned on it?

How long should the résumé be?

… and the list goes on.

But you don’t have to worry, because the JobsForHer team is here to your rescue. We have put together everything you need to know about writing an interview-ready résumé in one place.

Over the years, the JobsForHer team has seen that most of us can write a résumé, but we get stuck at writing an interview-ready résumé.

Wondering what’s the difference and how can you ace the art of writing an interview-ready résumé?

We’ve put down 5 ways to crack a killer interview-ready résumé. 

Before we break this down, the Best Résumé Contest is on and if you haven’t sent us your résumé yet, send it to us now!

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1. A Winning Résumé to Land That Dream Job

What attracts the interviewer’s attention to your résumé?

From formatting your résumé the right way, to using the right keywords that the Application Tracking System (ATS) will scan for in your résumé, you need to pay extra attention to the details.

To know more in detail, here are 10 Quick Tips on Writing a Winning Résumé and How to Build Your Resume to Land That Job

2. Mention Keywords in Your Résumé

Whether it is the ATS (Application Tracking System) or the hiring manager, in both cases, your résumé is going to be scanned for keywords.

But what are these keywords and where can you find them?

These keywords are specific words or phrases that interviewer is looking for. You will find these keywords in the job description.

For example, there could be a specific skill that the interviewer is looking for and by mentioning that skill in your résumé, you will get the interviewer’s attention.

To understand resume keywords in detail, read ‘Resume Keywords — What, Why and How

3. A Cover Letter is a Must

We have said this many times and we are saying this again — a cover letter is crucial in the shortlisting process for a job opening.

Many of us skip writing a cover letter when not asked for one by the hiring manager, but it is as important as your résumé.

We know that writing a cover letter can be confusing and intimidating. But fret not, for we have a detailed read for you: ‘Resume and Cover Letter Go Hand-in-Hand’.

Also, the Best Résumé Contest is on and the JobsForHer team has made sample cover letters for different industries every other week just for you. So, watch out for that on our social media platforms.

Don’t forget to send us your résumés and win a chance to meet a senior representative from your dream company.

4. Must-Do’s After a Career Break

You had to take a break from your career for reasons best known to you, and now you want to step back into the workforce, which is great.

Don’t refrain from mentioning your career break on your résumé. In fact, ensure you flaunt the skills you picked up on the break. Such as, patience while caring for a child, or negotiation that marriage taught you.

To know more about what to mention in your résumé after a break, read ‘Must Do’s – Build a Resume After a Break’.

5. Customise Your Résumé

Most of us use the same résumé to apply to various job opportunities, which is fine, but the chances of getting selected are reduced.

You should customise your résumé according to the job you are applying to.

Study the job description well before you edit your résumé.

Know more about customising your résumé in this read: ‘10 Quick Tips on Writing a Winning Resume’.

Now that you have got all the information you need to write a résumé and cover letter — and ace it — go ahead and start working on your résumé and send it to us.

The person with the most well-written résumé will get a chance to meet a senior representative from their dream company!

Now, start working on your résumé and send it to us here.

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