5 Ways to Be The Leader Your Team So Desperately Needs

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It’s no coincidence that the top ten grossing films year over year lately are dominated by the action/adventure genre. In fact, it’s a cultural statement. We need heroes in our lives, and we look to them for inspiration.

But, these films are fantasy, and the problem is that we live in a time when the real people we once looked up to are continually letting us down. I’ll leave off the lengthy list of names, but the truth is that no matter our perspective we don’t have the mentors and idols we once had.

It’s in the news every day. We’re let down every day. And every day, we search for heroes to no avail.

So we turn to fantasy to find our heroes. These films fulfill our desire to find the good in our leaders, to feel motivated by their purpose and to revel in their success. When it comes to our heroes, fantasy has replaced reality.

And yes, fantasy might work in some cases, but it doesn’t go far at the workplace . . . that’s where reality sets in as we go about our daily tasks. To accomplish our goals, we need to find the good in what we are doing, we need to feel motivated by a purpose and we need to feel successful in real time, not in a time machine.

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