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5 Ways to Make Your Business Stand Out

By | Samantha Higgins

The business world is more competitive than ever. Many businesses will not survive economic disruptions or stiff competition. Therefore it is important to find a way to make your business stand out from others. Here are five ways that you can attract attention and gain sales.

1. Focus on the customer’s pain point

One of the best ways to get a customer’s attention is to focus on the customer’s pain point. In the weight loss and personal fitness industry, the pain point is obvious – people want to lose weight or look better. However, if you are in the business of selling plants, you may be wondering what your customer’s pain point may be. That’s where you have to do some deep customer research. Perhaps your plant store can market roses to men who need to apologize to their significant other. Another pain point may be the expensive cost of home decor. You can market house plants as an affordable way to decorate any room in a house or apartment. Find out where your customers have pain and then sell your product or service as a solution to that pain.

2. Create an eye-catching office or store

One of the ways to make your business really stand out is to address the decor in your office or your store. A first impression can help you get a sale, close a client or simply boost the image of your brand. You can use a number of decorative approaches. For instance, you can use custom sheet fabrication to create an eye-catching sign in front of your store or in your reception area. It is a good idea to peruse through a number of commercial design and architecture websites and take note of designs that will work well for your business. A small change in your business’s design can go a long way.

3. Make an extraordinary offer or guarantee

One of the top ways to get people’s attention is to come out with an eye-catching offer or a guarantee. The most obvious guarantee is the 30-day or 60-day money-back guarantee. However, that approach is so overused that it doesn’t capture attention anymore. You have to do something that the market has not seen before. Here is a case in point: Back in the 1990s the automaker Hyundai was known for making low-quality vehicles. Therefore, the company decided to address that issue by offering an unheard-of 10-year or 100,000-mile warranty on all of their vehicles. This warranty doubled the typical 5-year or 50,000-mile warranty from most automakers. People believed that only a quality car company would guarantee their vehicle’s reliability for an entire decade. Since then inception of the 10-year or 100,000-mile warranty, Hyundai has grown so immensely that they now have three brands operating in North America – Kia, Hyundai, and Genesis.

4. Focus on a narrow niche

Another way to stand out in the business world is to focus on a narrow niche. For example, most fast food places like McDonald’s, Burger King and Wendy’s sell hamburgers, chicken burgers, salads, and more. Chick-Fil-A sells chicken sandwiches almost exclusively. This focus on one kind of food has made Chick-Fil-A the third-largest fast-food chain in America with over $10 billion dollars a year in annual revenue. The moral of the story here – narrow your niche and deliver the best possible product or service for that target market.

5. Overdeliver when it comes to service

Delivering great service will always keep you in business. If you are operating a pizza delivery service, find out how fast the competition is delivering their pizza and get your pizza to the customer faster. There are a number of ways that you can overdeliver. You can remember the names and the orders of your most loyal customers. You can also find out what your competition is doing and “one-up” them.

Getting your business to stand out

You can make your business stand out by focusing on the customer’s pain point, improving the look and design of your business, making an extraordinary offer or guarantee, narrowing your niche, and over delivering when it comes to service. Try to integrate as many of these steps as possible and watch your business stand out and grow.

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