5 Ways to Overcome Self-Doubt as an Entrepreneur

The former CEO of Xerox attributes much of her success to her mother's guidance

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Entrepreneurship is one of the most difficult jobs. We work 24/7 to always stay one step ahead of the competition that’s looking to take advantage of us and get an even bigger piece of the business pie. The problem is that often, it is not our competition or even the market that we should be watching out for. 

Self-sabotage is among the most prominent reasons why entrepreneurs quit following their dreams and instead decide to live a life of obscurity. Whether it is your inner critic questioning your every move or some events happening in the market that make you reconsider if it was even the right decision to start your business, many things can stop you on your way to the top.

Luckily, most of them are limited to our minds, so it shouldn’t be that difficult to get rid of them, at least in theory. When you learn how not to fall prey to self-sabotage, you will be able to elevate your life and destroy any obstacles in your way as soon as they appear. 

Here are five ways to get back on the right track when you feel doubt slowly creeping in on you.

1. Remember why you are in the business

You started your business for a reason. Maybe you even took a huge step in your life to make this dream come true, such as leaving your job or taking out a loan. After making all those sacrifices, it would be difficult to go back to the world you worked so hard to leave.

But even if your journey didn’t involve any life-changing decisions, or you didn’t start your business to escape the world you despised, there are still things you wished to accomplish, whether it was changing your own life or someone else’s.

The truth is that if you decide to quit now, you will not only have to face reality and go back to your old life, but you will also prevent others from getting happier. So, if you don’t want to do it for yourself, at least think about the people who need you and do it for them.

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