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5 Ways to Put Experience at the Center of Talent Development

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Make Experience-Driven Development Part of Your Culture

As business landscapes continue to change and shift, HR leaders face recurring questions:

Can leaders be developed quickly enough to meet demand? Could leaders better take advantage of current talent management processes and efforts? How can we help line managers develop and manage their talent more effectively?

Learning from experience is the best way to develop talent. Yet most organizations aren’t maximizing on-the-job opportunities that prepare leaders, develop employees, and advance business goals.

The key is to make experience-driven leadership development intentional.

HR leaders understand this and often follow the 70-20-10 framework:

  • 70% of learning comes from on-the-job experiences and challenges.
  • 20% of learning comes from other people.
  • 10% of learning comes from courses and formal training.

Experience-driven talent development is when experience — carefully designed and executed — becomes the core driver of learning in the organization. Working and learning are bound together, aligned with the business strategy and shaped by a talent strategy.

When this kind of development is part of the organizational culture and embedded in all of talent management, you’ll see things such as:

  • Senior leaders who support stretch assignments as a key strategy for developing employees.
  • Highly-valued employees being routinely shared with other parts of the organization.
  • Development opportunities considered when making decisions about how to staff key projects.

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