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5 Ways to Renovate Your Office to Improve Productivity

By | Samantha Higgins

Are you looking for some great new ways to renovate your office space? Remodeling your office is not only a great way to improve the way it looks but also a sure-fire method for increasing your overall productivity. Here are 5 of the best ideas to consider.

Get Rid of the Glare

When you consider how to renovate your office, the first thing you might want to think about is the ocular health of your employees. In other words, are they staring at bright glaring computer screens for 8 or 9 hours per day? If this is the case, their eyes are already under quite a bit of strain.

The worst thing you can do is have bright fluorescent lights glaring down at them from the ceiling. This makes the problem even worse. Employees who are suffering from eyestrain or headaches will have limited productivity.

Tamp down the lights or consider getting slightly shaded lenses in order to reduce most of the excess glare. If your employees are working on the night shift, consider getting them table lamps that won’t give off so much of the glare.

Improve Your Furniture Scheme

One of the best ways to increase the productivity of your employees is to take note of any errors you may be making with your office furniture. If the desks are too big and bulky or too small and cramped, productivity is sure to suffer.

If the desks or cubicles are laid out in an odd and unseemly manner, they may be taking up too much space on your office floor. They may also be entirely too close together. You may need to solve the problem by springing for a whole new set of office furniture cubicles.

Stake Out a Break Out Space

Another excellent way to increase the productivity of your office is to add a break out space to your office. This is a specially dedicated area of your office where your employees can go to relax and relieve their stress.

Breakout areas serve a number of functions. They can give your employees much needed socialization as well as relaxation. For best results, your break out space should be fully separated from the work area while still being easy for them to access.

If your work environment is noisy, try creating a space that is more quiet and peaceful. If your employees tend to work alone in cubicles, make it more of a social area where they can talk and enjoy each other’s company.

Add Some Natural Features to Your Space

If your office space is entirely silent and sterile, it may come to be seen as quite foreboding and grim. You don’t want to have a bunch of depressed, angsty employees trying to complete their quotas. The best thing to do in such a circumstance is to lighten up the vibe with some fresh and natural features.

Why not add a few nice house plants to the décor? Adding a bit of natural greenery to your office may do wonders to make your office a more homey and welcoming place. If you can afford to hire a Feng Shui expert, do it. A few rocks or sculptures lying around your office can have a marvelous effect on the morale of your workers.

Give Your Bathroom a Good Going Over

One of the areas where your employees are going to be spending a fair amount of time is your office bathroom. This is a place that needs to be kept as clean, orderly, and attractive as possible.

An untidy bathroom is a place that will have a bad effect on morale, especially if no steps are taken to improve its condition. While you’re cleaning up there, why not modernize the faucets and sinks. Perhaps a new paint job, in a fresh and cheerful color, will give it some much needed definition and character.

Renovation is the Key to Productivity and Profitability

Implementing these renovation ideas is a fantastic way to increase productivity as well as your ultimate profitability. Depending on your needs as well as your mood, you may opt for a simple layout change or a complete makeover. This is a move that will inspire the appreciation of your employees as well as increase their productivity.





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