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5 Ways You Can Improve Employee Relations

By | Samantha Higgins

In today’s unprecedented economic climate, it is more important than ever to boost your employee relations game. Savvy business managers understand the importance of making employees feel valued and encouraged about their job. Here are five ways that you can improve employee relations so that you create a positive work culture.

Keep Communication Lines Open and Clear

An effective communication strategy serves multiple purposes. Good communication will help employees to avoid feeling confused or to take on unnecessary stress. A proper communication plan will also lay the groundwork for expectations and company goals so that every employee feels informed and equipped to put forth their best work.

Employees should also feel comfortable and empowered to ask questions and give feedback. In order to reach everyone on your staff effectively, be sure to offer communication in various formats. Some individuals respond to written communication more adeptly while other people prefer verbal communication.

Make Employees Feel Valuable

Employees will perform at higher levels if they feel as if their work is valued and appreciated. There are multiple ways that you can make your employees feel as if their contributions matter. On a simple level, offering verbal praise and recognition goes a long way in improving employee relations.

Publicly recognizing your top achievers will motivate employees to strive higher. Instituting a rewards program with cash or gift incentives is also a great way to recognize the effort that your employees give each day. All of these actions will add up to create an atmosphere in which employees know that they matter to the company.

Ask for Help

Your employee relations initiatives are only as strong as your human resources program. If you are not equipped to handle the human resources tasks and function at your place of business, you would be wise to consider hiring an outsource HR services organization to handle this aspect.

This is particularly relevant if you are a small business operation that does not have the bandwidth or need to operate an in-house human resources department. A dedicated HR services company will partner with you to ensure that all of these critical employee relations needs are being met. You can customize your level of service to meet the needs and size of your specific organization, making this a cost-effective way to run your HR department.

Offer Career Development Opportunities

The most motivated employees are also the ones that will demand a level of professional training so that they can continue their career growth trajectory. While some of the most traditional career development opportunities have become more limited as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is still an abundance of ways that your employees can boost their skills.

This is a great time to encourage your employees to take advantage of the many virtual training opportunities that have seen a resurgence since the beginning of the health crisis. Other ideas for career development include implementing a mentorship program within your organization to pair more experienced employees with the novice ones and a tuition reimbursement program to ease the financial strain of your workers looking to further their education.

Encourage a Healthy Work and Life Balance

It is no secret that unhappy employees are more likely to look for another job. One of the best ways that you can increase job satisfaction within your employee base is to encourage a healthy work and life balance. This is even more crucial during this stressful time in history.

Important elements to consider offering include flexible work schedules, ample paid time off, the ability to work from home to support children and their virtual learning endeavors, and a comprehensive benefits program that supports a healthy family life. The more understanding that you are with employees trying to balance their professional and home life, the happier that your staff will be. This will undoubtedly translate to positive news for your bottom line.

Without a stellar employee relations plan, your organization will be at risk of low productivity and high turnover. Putting these initiatives into practice will give you the confidence of knowing that you are taking care of your employees and boosting the longevity of your company in the process.

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