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5 Work from Home Jobs That Are 100% Legitimate

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There are many options if you want to work from home these days.  However, not all of these are legitimate.  If you want to avoid getting scammed, never hand over any money to start a job, the company should be paying you.  Also, look at what they are offering, if an advertisement looks too good to be true then it probably is.  If you want to find work-from-home jobs that are 100% legitimate, read these tips.

Customer Service

Working from home in customer service has become increasingly easy in recent years.  Many of these jobs became work from home during the pandemic and companies have realised that it saves them money to keep it this way.  You should always research a company to see if they are legitimate but there are some big names that hire WFH candidates, especially in customer service positions.


Lots of teaching jobs have gone online recently as people realise that they don’t necessarily need to be taught in a specialist setting.  If you have a special skill such as a language or the ability to play an instrument, then your talent is in demand.  Even if you have no special skills there are thousands of people who want to learn English as a second language, and you could teach this.  All you need is a good laptop, such as one from this black laptop range, a decent internet speed, and a lot of patience.

Travel Agent

As people start wanting to travel again, travel agents are springing up all over the internet to help them to book.  Visiting the high street is a dying trend and travel agents realise that they don’t have to have a storefront to make money anymore and are selling holidays online instead.  Check out the company before you apply for a position, but you should find that many online travel agency positions are legitimate.

Social Media Manager

Most companies have seen the value in hiring social media managers to help with advertising and to create an online presence for their company, especially as most business is done online these days.  However, there is no real need for a social media manager to have a presence in a physical office as the work can easily be done from home.  Therefore, a lot of Social Media Managers are recruited to work from home. 


If you are good with numbers, then a position as a bookkeeper might work well for you.  It will be necessary to get some qualifications and experience, but many small companies need bookkeepers and will outsource the job to save themselves office space.  This is quite often a well-paid position, and you can work for a single company or become a freelancer and work for several if you prefer.

Here are 5 jobs that you could do from home.  However, the legitimacy of the advert depends on who has posted it, so never apply for a position without doing your research first.

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