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50 Different Ways To Skyrocket Your Brand Even In The Worst Of Economies

By Siddharth Rajsekar

Are you looking to skyrocket your brand online in the next few months?

Consider how you could get your product or brand in the Halloween spirit, not just by putting a few pumpkins in front of your office, but by providing something really useful for consumers.

Doctors’ offices, drugstores, or other healthcare businesses can share tips on how to check your kids’ trick-or-treat bags for potentially unsafe candy.

Garden centers and craft stores can post videos on how to carve the perfect pumpkin. Providing this type of useful, timely information as a service to consumers will help create a positive brand image for your business.

Whether you want to sell products, gain subscribers, persuade followers to a point or sway the hearts and minds of readers to your cause, they’ve got to know who you are in the first place.

“Great content that tells a powerful story can attract or change people’s perceptions about a brand. This doesn’t need to be self-promotional; it can simply convey one message or slogan that’s memorable.” – Sarah Howard, Head of Content.

Here are 50 ideas which can take to the next level!

skyrocket your brand

How To Skyrocket Your Brand

Starting your brand may be easy, but getting it to move up to the next level really takes some ideas. Here’s ideas on how you can effectively

Here’s ideas on how you can effectively skyrocket your brand online and offline.

  1. Make a good first impression
  2. Be consistent
  3. Listen to your customers
  4. Design a great logo
  5. Represent your business with your brand
  6. Always be reliable
  7. Establish strong values
  8. Be transparent
  9. Use a strapline
  10. Print your logo everywhere
  11. Highlight the benefits of your business
  12. Establish trust
  13. Convey a clear message
  14. Display your brand’s colours
  15. Become an authority in the field
  16. Have a long-term vision
  17. Stand out from competitors
  18. Educate employees about your brand
  19. Grow your brand with your business
  20. Define your goals
  21. Create a great pitch
  22. Be flexible
  23. Repeat your message again & again
  24. Give great customers service
  25. Display your back story
  26. Exceed expectations
  27. Offer value for money
  28. Stay in the forefront
  29. Be instantly recognisable
  30. Make regular contact with customers
  31. Be consistent with photos
  32. Know your target market
  33. Use social media
  34. Provide rounded experience
  35. Create a professional website
  36. Create relationships with other brands
  37. Give out stuff for free
  38. Combine marketing strategies
  39. Network with peers
  40. Get feedback
  41. Start a company blog
  42. Show off
  43. Attend local events
  44. Sponsor an event or charity
  45. Gain a reputation
  46. Continue to learn
  47. Be professional online
  48. Promote your achievements
  49. Engage local as well as national customers
  50. Be brilliant!

When preparing your personal & company brand strategy, plan, research, and create actionable tactics and realistic goals.

These ideas may be the most important ones that you ever need.

10 Ways To Get Your Audience Engaged

  • Use emotion to appeal to your audience
  • Even small scale campaigns can have a big impact, regardless of budget
  • High-quality, educational and thought-leading content will be shared by your followers
  • Team brainstorming sessions will provide a wide scope of ideas
  • Great content that tells a powerful story can attract or change people’s perceptions about a brand
  • Content doesn’t need to be self-promotional
  • Who is your audience? Once you know who you want to make aware of your brand you can start to define your messaging to appeal to that demographic
  • Social media channels are a prime way to appeal to your audience’s ‘episodic memory’
  • A “me me me, look at us” approach doesn’t work – it’s all about the audience
  • No one is going to want to boost a brand they don’t like or can’t relate to. Morals and ethics are a big deal when it comes to increasing brand awareness

Final Thoughts

Establishing a company as a brand is hard work.

It takes years of effort to skyrocket your brand, through considerable investment and a lot of smart thinking.

Obviously there has to be a good product or service as no amount of investment and no marketing strategy can transform a company into a brand without something excellent to offer.

But even when there are some good products or services, some companies never become brands.

Fortunately, you can adhere to the best practices and overcome your struggle with branding.

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