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50 difficult things to learn that will benefit you forever

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There’s never been a better (or easier)  time to learn new skills and improve your life for good!

Happy and successful people are constantly upskilling themselves, so why not make 2023 your year of improvement?

The below 50 skills have been broken up into the following categories:

  • Life necessities
  • General skills
  • Health and fitness
  • Emotional and mental skills
  • Finances and career

Let’s jump straight in!

Life necessities

1) The basics of cooking

If boiling an egg or making a sandwich ends in disaster for you, you need to get in the kitchen and start learning the basics of cooking!

Granted, not every recipe is easy to follow, but learning some handy basics will save you money on dining out and will improve your diet (more on that later).

Take it nice and simple – start by Googling easy-to-follow recipes, get the ingredients you need, and off you go!

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