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50% of people have quit because of a bad manager—here are the 10 boss behaviors workers hate most

By | Kerri Anne Renzulli |

It’s a common adage that people leave managers, not companies. Many employees have found themselves in this situation at some point: the projects are engaging and your coworkers are great, but your relationship with your boss leaves you longing for 5 p.m.

Gallup study of more than 7,000 U.S. adults found that 50 percent of people leave a job to get away from their manager in order to improve their overall life at some point in their career. The same study found that for most workers, managers fall somewhat short when it comes to developing their employees’ strengths, providing consistent feedback and establishing clear performance goals.

But workers also often deal with far more toxic behavior from their bosses than those three issues — and when that happens, it sends them running to job sites immediately.

So what manager behaviors provoke the ire of employees most?

The cardinal sin, according to their subordinates, is playing favorites. That’s according to a survey of more than 800 employees conducted by, a company that creates customized signage and presentation materials. While 82 percent of men deemed this habit unacceptable, women took greater offense, with 92 percent calling it out (likely because they more frequently experience latent and explicit discrimination at work that keeps them on the outside of such privileged circles.)

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