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50 Signs That You’re a Train Wreck

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Some people are a train wreck about to happen. They’re greedy and self-absorbed, and they routinely make unforced errors. To make matters worse, they lack proper scruples and have a lousy attitude to boot. (Ugh.) It’s like they can’t seem to get out of their own way. Do you know anyone who’s a train wreck about to happen? Are you a train wreck?

People who are train wrecks: 

  1. Bring out the worst in people.
  2. Wallow in self-pity.
  3. Think the world revolves around them.
  4. Expect others to bail them out.
  5. Lie so much that they don’t even know the truth anymore.
  6. Worship money like it’s the only thing in life.
  7. Dodge work even though others must shoulder the burden.
  8. Demand rewards without earning them.
  9. Blame others for their problems, mistakes, and circumstances.
  10. Spend their way into oblivion — and then complain that they don’t have money.
  11. Lay around expecting others to do things for them.
  12. Talk relentlessly, but rarely listen.
  13. Criticize others, but rarely take a good hard look at themselves.
  14. Refuse to make the commitment, but then complain about the outcome.
  15. Look down their nose at people.
  16. Make promises, but never keep them — even promises to themselves.
  17. Run away from problems.
  18. Do just enough to get by.

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