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55 modern social etiquette rules everyone should follow

By | Kiran Athar |

Social etiquette isn’t a thing of the past – in fact, now more than ever we need fewer eyes on screens and more genuine human interaction. 

But it’s not just about using your knife and fork correctly, it’s about taking other people into consideration. 

Here are 55 modern social etiquette rules everyone should follow – let’s make this the year we bring manners back in style! 

1) Make eye contact when speaking to someone 

That means putting your phone away, avoiding staring off into the distance, and actually looking people in the eye when you’re having a conversation or ordering your morning coffee!

2) Use headphones when on the train or in public places

We get it, you’ve got fantastic taste in music. But no one wants to hear it, so use headphones and avoid turning the volume up to max in confined spaces like on the train or bus!

3) Don’t forget your please and thank you’s 

Manners will never grow old – whether someone lets you pass them on the street or holds the door open for you, it takes only a second to acknowledge them with thanks and a smile! 

4) Park in between the lines 

If you can’t, maybe you need to take a few more driving lessons and learn! While it may not seem to be a big deal, someone with mobility issues or young children may struggle if they can’t get into the space next to you with sufficient space to open their doors.

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