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6 Absolutely Crazy Recruitment Campaigns in 2020

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Recruitment is an active problem for most hiring managers. Many companies end up scratching their heads when trying to find the right person for the job. But, over the years, there have been a few campaigns that have become the transcript for managers to come. These drives had even the highest paid managers thinking “WOW!!!, how did I not think of that.” Hired the best HR Consultants, used Social Media, spent a colossal amount of money buying all those candidate databases, but still unable to close positions successfully. Sounds familiar right?

Most Companies only think of Recruitment from HR perspective. It’s time to give Traditional Recruitment a new spin by thinking from a Marketing Perspective.

1.  GHCQ’s ‘Can You Crack the Code?’

Cybersecurity is a big issue and hiring the best analysts is a primary concern. As one of the UK’s intelligence and security agencies, GCHQ(The Government Communications HeadQuarters) works to protect national security interests. They are an organisation that finds people to combat cyber-crime and terrorism. As threats to information and computer technology continue to evolve, they found a unique way to identify people who could act as the first line of defence as well as the necessary anvil to keep out adversaries.

So, instead of going around the usual way, the GCHQ decided to present people with a single image. An image, with a code to crack. Or to put it, “THE” code to crack.

This went on to reveal the instructions for the second phase and so on. The campaign required hackers and developers to be an all-rounder. This meant solving cryptographic puzzles, coding and reverse engineering applications.

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