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$6 billion – the hidden cost of 90-day notice period to companies, economy

There is no rationale as to why Indian companies need to have a 90-day notice period. The same organisations that have 90 days as their notice period expect candidates to join within a few weeks which doesn't really add up

Source | | Gaurav Chattur

The pandemic has turned the talent market more competitive than ever before. Organisations are battling for the top available talent. They want to hold on to industry expertise as long as possible and have sufficient time to search for a replacement if a top employee decides to leave. This situation has led to excruciatingly long notice periods, often unproductive, becoming increasingly common among varied sectors.

Although there is no universal rule as to when you should give a notice period and for how long, high-level leadership positions and highly technical jobs often see a notice period of more than 30 days which can definitely be considered long.

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