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6 Common Thank-You Note Mistakes That Hiring Managers Hate

Source | FastCompany : By MATHILDE PRIBULA

My team and I interview hundreds of job candidates each year. And that means I receive hundreds of thank-you notes each year. Unfortunately, many are terrible.

The first thing to keep in mind any time you’re writing to thank an interviewer for taking time to chat with you is that many other people are doing the same. You want to stand out, but for the right reasons. Hiring managers and recruiters are always looking for reasons to push one candidate toward the front of the pack and disqualify others—that’s their job.

So that means that what you may think of as a simple convention of thank-you note writing is actually a blunder that your interviewer sees multiple times a day. That’s bad. Here are six of the most common of those mistakes that you’ll want to avoid.


The decision of whether or not to proceed with a candidate for a job search is often made within hours, not days, of an interview. So while a handwritten note may be classy, emails are simply the best way to go. They’re more immediate than letters and more formal than texts.

But a thank-you email needs to look like an email, not a letter. Don’t include your return physical address or the interviewer’s physical address. And skip the overly stuffy, formal language—you want the reader to get excited about you, not want to take a nap.


Do you frequently read non-urgent emails that are more than a paragraph long? Do you do that on your smartphone? Exactly.

Long, dense emails get placed on the “I’ll-read-this-when-I-have-more-time” back burner. If you want your thank-you note to be read quickly (or at all), make it easy for the interviewer to do so. Keep it short, concise, and to the point.

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