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6 Courageous Communication Tips in Virtual Meetings

By | Diana Kawarsky | Online/F2F Learning Facilitator & B2B Consultant/Coach. 2021 ranked #26 of Global Gurus “Top 30” ranking in Communication

Courageous Communication in our virtual work relationships can be a gateway to creating ongoing and mutually beneficial feedback. Here are 6 tips my clients have success with to get you started………

1. Be clear about the goals

  • Make a simple outline, plan or notes for yourself describing the area, topic or incident you wish to discuss.
  • Bring your pan to your meeting – it shows you are invested and give a hoot.
  • You need to be clear in your own mind what you hope to achieve.

2. Give thought to how you set up the meeting

  • Choose a mutually accessible platform e.g., Zoom or WebEx etc.
  • Ensure the scheduling and duration make sense to everyone’s availability.
  • No virtual one-on-one meeting need be more than 45-60 mins – EVER.  
  • 30 mins or less is preferred.

3. Look for the positive(s) in the situation

  • Life happens to all of us – be sure to look for the outcomes of behaviours and not speculate on possible motivations. 
  • Assume honourable intentions and you will have an easier time focusing on the positives – even when they are few and dim. They are there.

4. Listen thoughtfully

  • Once you have spoken to your outline the area, topic or incident that you want to discuss, give the person a chance to give their view on the situation. 
  • You may find the other person is only too aware that there is a possible disconnect.

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