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6 Employee Engagement Reasons to Turn Team Members into Owners

Source | Linkedin | Patrick Leddin, Ph.D

Who washes a rental car?”

Answer: No one.

Why? “Renters don’t own rental cars.”

Allow me to expand a bit on the concept of ownership. In doing so, I’m going to argue the following:

Don’t give your employees another program in hopes of increasing engagement, give them something to own!

Our typical concept of ownership, especially in what is commonly referred to as the Western World, stems from how society sees ownership. Owning something is protected by the legal structure and comes with a particular set of rights. We therefore think in terms of owning a house, a car, furniture, and even a business.

In this discussion, I’m not referring to this type of ownership. True, you can offer employees equity in a business, but there are limitations to this approach and the sense of ownership it provides.

Instead of focusing on the legalistic concept of ownership, let’s discuss what business scholars call ‘psychological ownership.’ Psychological ownership is not necessarily recognized by the legal system, but it is grounded in the individual who holds the ownership feeling.

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