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6 HR Myths That Won’t be Busted in 2016

Source | LinkedIn : By Mohit Gundecha

With new year round the corner and everyone talking about all the change 2016 will bring, I thought of writing about a few things in HR that won’t change even in 2016.

I thought I could do with a bit of sarcasm to get the business leaders’ attention and bust some of their myths about HR – you can add to this and forward to your colleagues in the business functions 🙂

Here are the 6 myths I feel won’t get busted even in 2016.

1) HR = Hiring, of course!

– “You are HR? Does your company have any job openings??”
– “We have a hiring freeze – you probably don’t have as much work these days, right?”

It’s time the employees know the value added by a lot of leadership development, career path planning, learning & development activities are conducted by the HR!    

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