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6 Innovative Ways To Build Customer Loyalty Using Email Marketing techniques

By | Nick Wilks

Social media is now a ragingly popular place to visit in this virtual digital world. The easy interaction with fellow users and sharing your views virtually gives you extraordinary satisfaction. On the other hand, the availability of a high volume of interactive an entertaining material on social media is also affecting the attention span of a user. This is where the real problem lies. The digital marketing techniques used to impress users and draw organic traffic towards the websites need to trimmed and transformed now and then.

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach out to a targeted audience in the most proficient way. Although, the current business owners think that social media is the ace of spades in this era. The audience in social media lacks attention whereas users targeted via email marketing offer a higher conversion rate. Taking this concern to the next step, let us find out the ideal ways to convert a lead into a loyal customer via email marketing.

Ways to convert leads into loyal customers via email marketing

Email marketing is and always will be a potential tool to attract the attention of serious leads. I am glad you asked why. The promotional emails are only received by those who have previously shown interest in learning about new products or any information. It is voluntary whereas, in social media, the online behavior is checked to segregate a group of users as the target audience to force-feed promotional content. This is the difference that makes email marketing a potential medium to interact with the users and enjoy a higher conversion rate for sustaining a cutthroat competition.

The experts of GoDissertationHelp describe how you can use this potential online marketing medium in the most efficient way possible.

  1. Segregation of users and customers in groups

 Even if you have identified the target audience, you will need to make subgroups based on the user behavior and online purchase patterns. This act of dividing the entire base into subgroups will lead you to create a group-specific promotional content.

Imagine receiving an email that you have been expecting from a brand you prefer to be a part of! The personalization of the campaign content will not only increase satisfaction but will fortify the loyalty of a customer effectively.

 How will you do it? Here is how you can start and use the basic parameters and your business genre to progress.

  • Demography (age, gender, and location)
  • Frequency of visiting the business domain and purchase decisions
  • Status of the customers in terms of purchase amount to check the spending capabilities
  • Listing top referrers for your business

This is the first step of personalizing the user base. Create a perfect email marketing content for all the subgroups. Provide bonuses and discounts as loyalty rewards to deserving users. Create a bond stronger by introducing loyalty schemes via email marketing.

  1. Personalization of email content

It has been found via a survey that more than 90% of the users like to be treated as special. They also like to receive personalized content from your brand. This is where creating personalized content will benefit your business truly. The first step has already segmented the target audience.

The next step is to fabricate the ideal content a user expects from your brand. Give value to their presence and loyalty by introducing them into the brand community. Create an emotional connection via personalized promotional content and give them the best user experience. Wish them on the special days of the year such as birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, etc.

  1. Magnetic incentives for inactive customers

Inactive customers are still valuable. This inactive group of users showed interest in what you are offering before. It is high time to use this group in your favor. The email marketing medium is a subtle way to re-introduce the new face of your brand and re-engage the users. Remind them of the reasons for showing interest before.

A new value should be added to the marketing content that the dormant users find it useful. For instance, creating bonus gifts and free gift schemes can be a lucrative way for users to engage again with the brand. You can also use the marketing content to remind them of the points they have earned before and encourage them to use it for further benefits as well.

  1. Acting on feedback

When you want to personally contact and create a fortified connection with the present users, construct a feedback delivery system. Ask the users to submit their feedback whenever they have completed a buying decision. The leads and customers want you to listen to a few things they would like to witness in the brand portal. It is obvious that the customers will not seek information from the online portal to contact and tell you certain points. This is where you can add more value to the customer relationship by seeking feedback. It will also become easier to reinvent brand experience from the experience shared by the customers. A reward exchange scheme can be initiated via email marketing every time a customer responds to a feedback email.

  1. One content for all channels

The content you are creating for your email marketing must resemble to the fabricated contents for other channels. This new concept is called omnichannel marketing. Using different content format might leave the leads and customers confused. On the other hand, the same content format will also create brand awareness. Blogs, email content, images, podcasts, etc should enjoy singularity in terms of a brand-specific theme.

  1. Communication is the key

Stay in constant touch with the users. This will help you to create a personality for your brand. While reinstating the brand value and fortifying engagement, keeping in touch with the customers by answering their queries via email is also important.


It all starts with a welcome email to a new user and continue to keep sending your gratitude. Establishing and increasing loyalty becomes easier when you use the right email marketing ways.

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