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6 little things that reveal your true personality

By | Pearl Nash |

Did you know there are things that can reveal your true personality in an instant?

They’re little things that you should look out for!

These helped me get clarity about the nature of my true personality… And they can do the same for you!

Here are 6 key little things to think about.

1) How open you are to new ideas

Have you ever found yourself saying “I know what I like” when you look at a menu…

As in, you know what you want to eat without having to look at the menu.

…If you have, it suggests that you might be a little rigid in your thinking and not open to new ideas.

It’s exactly what I’m like:

I always order the same thing on the menu because I don’t overly like new ideas. 

In other words, I like to stick to what I know – and what I know I like.

What does this mean for you?

Think about what you’re like when it comes to ordering food, as it’s a good indication of how open you are to new ideas!

If you find that you’re likely to order the same thing time and time again, you could challenge yourself to try something new!

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