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6 Practices for Everyday Mindfulness

These simple exercises will help you transform your relationship with yourself and the world around you

By | Melissa Steginus |

Melissa Steginus is a productivity and wellness specialist and author of the new book, Everyday Mindfulness: 108 Simple Practices to Empower Yourself and Transform Your Life.

Her motto is that “your time and energy are your most precious resources” and—through her books, courses, workshops, and coaching services—she helps people structure their work and lives to spend more of those resources on what matters. Melissa’s unique approach blends time, task, and energy management with self-care and mindfulness to serve her ultimate goal: to help others live more intentional, empowering, and fulfilling lives.

Everyday Mindfulness is a simple yet powerful tool for those interested in living with greater intention. The book is a collection of 108 simple mindfulness practices, with explanations of the purpose behind each practice, and over 300 reflection questions that encourage profound self-exploration and transformative action. It aims to make mindfulness simple and practical so you can live with greater clarity, intention, and purpose—whatever your schedule or spiritual beliefs. 

Readers move through six areas of life—Physical, Emotional, Rational, Spiritual, Occupation, and Network—to cultivate and experience a holistic personal transformation:

  • Physical: Listen to and reconnect with your body
  • Emotional: Understand and trust your feelings
  • Rational: Observe thoughts to gain mental clarity
  • Spiritual: Explore questions around personal truth
  • Occupation: Identify and invest in your priorities
  • Network: Nourish relationships that add to your life

Each of these six sections has 18 exercises to help you reclaim, redefine, and realize your untapped potential within that area of your life. According to Author, Melissa Steginus, “You already have the inner resources you need to empower yourself, cultivate fulfillment, and transform your life, but you have to do the work to recognize and tap into these resources and your potential. That’s what this book is all about.”

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