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6 quirky habits that make you instantly likeable

By | Maria Fatima Reyes |

Let’s face it — we all want to be liked.

And if we’re being honest about it, most of us don’t like boring, robotic people.

Have you ever wondered: how can this person do these random, even silly things that other people find so endearing?

In this article, we’ll talk about the unusual, sometimes even bizarre habits that can make you instantly likeable.

Give them a try and who knows — you might find yourself becoming even more irresistible.

Let’s dive in!

1. Copy the other person (in a subtle way)

Mimicking someone else’s actions is definitely strange.

Do you want to know why this habit — also known as mirroring — can draw others to you?

It’s because we like those who are like us.

Picture this: you’re in an intense conversation, and you become more aware of the other person’s non-verbal cues.

You pay close attention to their body language — how their eyes and hands move — and the tone, volume, and pitch of their voice.

You start to copy how they smile and make eye contact — especially when you want to clarify and empathize with what they’re saying.

Soon, the other person starts to feel better and more comfortable about themselves, and you engage them further in a meaningful dialogue.

Why does this work? Many studies have shown that imitation is not only the greatest form of flattery but it also fosters feelings of connectedness.

You see, mimicking other people’s behaviors naturally is one way to signal that you’re similar to them.

In other words, when you imitate other people’s movements, it makes you feel something similar to what they’re feeling.

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