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6 Reasons To Create A Robust Attendance Management System

By | Ankita Singh | Sage Publications

Workforce dynamics are constantly evolving with the world, and there is an urgency for organizations to keep up with these changes. Considering the current pandemic situation, managing the work hours, attendance, and policies can surely become overwhelming for employers.

It has become essential to supervise the attendance of employees to make the company running seamlessly. Importance of a robust attendance management system is very crucial to get an accurate description of the employees’ productivity. Managers need to be aware of which employee is working for how much time, their scheduled leaves, and if they are fraying off in their work. Employees are the core assets of an organization and they need to know how to keep a track of their attendance and time.

By maintaining an attendance management system, employers can assess which employees arrive on time, or who are consistently late. It also has many flip sides, the top 5 benefits of it are given below-

  1. Increased Productivity

Managing attendance and monitoring it manually can a tedious, overwhelming, and expensive task. It takes strenuous time to process the attendance sheet, authorize leaves, and process their payroll. Using an attendance management system will make every process automated, thus saving up precious manual hours and also giving accurate results. The time and efforts saved allows the HR professionals to concentrate on more pertinent tasks like devising strategies for recruitment and the company’s growth.

  1. Accuracy

To err is human, especially if they are loaded with handling multiple tasks simultaneously. Filling out data of numerous employees and handling all their related processes manually can become mundane and monotonous for HR, which by default results in errors. This does not only create issues with the payroll but the company also might be slapped with a legal lawsuit. Making the processes automated reduces the chance of manual error and provides an accurate result for all the calculations.

  1. Reduce In Absenteeism

While it is not fair to say every employee is the same, but many of them misuse the ineffective attendance system by using the buddy punching system, time abuse, and overcompensation. If a proper attendance system is in place, such tardiness can be eliminated. When employees are aware that they will get paid only for the days they have worked, they are likely to attend the office regularly, which results in reduced absenteeism. This increases their productivity and saves a lot of the company’s cost, which otherwise would have been wasted in overcompensating employees due to a faulty and ineffective system.

  1. Clear Insights

Every organization, especially if it’s a large one, needs monthly reports generated on the leaves, payroll, overtime, etc. of all employees. Since the data is centralized, any report can be generated which enhances the transparency and visibility within the company. Employers can also refer to the graph chart of employees to get a clear insight into their work and attendance data. With the availability of a centralized hub for all data, managers can reap the benefits to the maximum level by strategizing various tasks such as analysing and improving the policies, workplace culture, hours, etc. This helps them to stay at par with the fast-paced world and stay ahead of their competitors.

  1. Integration

There are many attendance management systems available in the market, so you can choose one that meets your company’s needs and requirements. Additionally, there are systems available in the market such as biometric that can be integrated with the existing system to make it more robust. Many come with a GPS tracker, which is the need of the hour as people are working remotely due to the ongoing pandemic. You can devise configurations for individual attendance shifts, with the ability to customize attendance cycles, leave deductions, punch-in/out, and optional holidays.

  1. Security & Compliance

Most attendance systems are built with high security, which makes them reliable and safe. This helps in preventing time theft, buddy punching and eliminates the extra added costs of lost ID cards or forgotten PINs. These systems are pertinent to organizations where security is a major concern due to sensitive data. In addition, the system helps in complying with the legal norms. Even a minute error can end up costing a fortune for the company and also violate labour laws. The attendance system ensures that the employees are getting paid exactly what they deserve by automatically calculating their working days and leaves, and thus creating an accurate payroll.


By reading the above benefits, it is clear that an attendance management system is a must in every organization, and also it is worth every penny.

Author Bio-

Ankita Singh is a content writer at Sage Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. She writes HR-focused blogs for Pocket HRMS software – one of the best HR solutions in India. She holds more than 4 years of experience in content writing.

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