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6 Reasons You’re Burning Out — And How You Can Fix It

Why you're burning out, and how you can get back to what you love about owning and managing a business

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Over a single week in March 2020, millions of small and midsize business owners across the country pivoted. For example:

  • Tech firm Aspire, unable to pitch products from its base in Missouri, switched to producing webinars, articles, and blog posts.
  • Stork H&E Turbo Blading in New York State implemented alternative work arrangements coupled with reduced hiring, and cancelled external training and conferences to conserve cash.
  • Entire Productions CEO Natasha Miller, based in California, furloughed and laid off staff as business dropped to zero.

The goal for each of those three, and every other business across the country, was to survive whatever was around the pandemic corner. But post-pandemic, the corners have only gotten more challenging for owners — and it shows.

According to the Principal Well-Being IndexSM, 70% of business owners and managing partners are more stressed now than this time last year. Many have business ideas they can afford but lack the time to implement. And they’re stressed across the board, regardless of business size.

“You become chief of IT, HR, compliance, and financials — you are the C suite,” says Kara Hoogensen, senior vice president of specialty benefits at Principal®. “Then comes the pandemic, so you’re still the C suite but you’re also worried about business continuity and taking care of your employees — and yourself. All the ordinary small business owner stressors are more pronounced.”

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