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6 Recent Trends in Human Capital World

Source | Enterpruner India : By Swapnil Kamat

The way we manage, lead, collaborate, and organize ourselves at work has been undergoing radical change. Over the last few years, leadership, organization culture, employee engagement and work simplification are some of the top concerns that have emerged in the human capital world.

As the business world continuously evolves and becomes more global in nature, HR will not be about just HR anymore. With a new generation of workforce that brings with it innovative ideas, the world of human capital is set to undergo a massive wave of change.

In the next couple of paragraphs, I will be highlighting some of the recent trends in HR in the year gone by and what to expect in 2016.
1) Leadership

Developing leaders across levels has been and will remain a major concern for HR across sectors. It is time for companies to build leaders from their Millennial workforce.

The need of the hour is of leaders who can engage their employees, drive innovation and push forward a strategy of growth. For this to happen, companies must invest in robust leadership development programs, and increase their focus on coaching and mentoring young leaders to prepare them for bigger roles.
2) Culture and Engagement

The second biggest challenge for companies is in terms of the prevalent culture of their organizations and how it affects employee engagement and in turn, retention. Business and HR leaders alike must work hard towards building a workplace culture that focuses on meaningful work, employee engagement, and strong leadership. Companies that can engage employees tend to attract better talent and have a lower attrition rate.

This, in turn, helps them see better financial performance as well. This year will also see companies paying more attention to 360-degree feedback systems for a holistic employee engagement.
3) Learning & Development

Learning & development, like leadership, has been an area of concern over the years and 2016 is set to see companies go all out to build their employees’ skill set. The more organizations focus on improving their L&D initiatives, the better they will be at engaging and retaining capable workforce.

It is a critical business priority where organizations must revamp their employees’ learning experience, and invest more time and budget on an emerging digital trend in this sphere.

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