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6 Resources to Sharpen Virtual Selling Skills

By | Steve Kearns

Do you remember the first time you ever hopped on a FaceTime call or a Zoom meeting? It probably felt jarring and unfamiliar, even if you’re a salesperson who considers themself very adept at social interactions and making conversation. 

There’s no doubt: while it may share the same fundamentals as traditional selling (listening, learning, helping, etc.), the nuances of virtual selling demand a different skill set. 

Sharpening and strengthening these capabilities is important because remote sales interactions are here to stay. According to LinkedIn’s newly-released State of Sales 2021 report: 

“Buyers appear to like the arrangement: 70% say they would like to work remotely half or more of the time in the future. Perhaps most significantly, 50% of buyers told us that working remotely has made the purchasing process easier. The bottom line is this situation requiring virtual selling skills won’t be changing anytime soon.”

With this in mind, here are a few virtual selling skills to focus on honing and developing within your sales team, to best prepare them for what lies ahead.

Key Virtual Selling Skills to Develop (Plus Learning Resources)

Knowing which skills are most effective in the virtual environment is crucial to avoid missteps and support the kind of practices that drive buyer confidence. Building these six skills will put sales reps on the right track.

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