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6 signs that teams don’t trust their leaders

Trust is one of the most important elements in a well-functioning team. When team members don't trust their leaders it can become problematic for everyone. Here are the signs to watch out for

By | Moira Alexander |

Teams that function well and succeed all have one thing in common: Team members mostly trust their leader. When distrust is present, it can show itself in these six ways, and it is essential to resolve the cause of distrust to re-gain team functionality.

1. A lack of interest or resistance to initiatives

Not all projects or initiatives conjure up excitement for team members. Still, when a lack of interest, complaints, and overall resistance becomes commonplace, it may be a sign that teams distrust their leader. Even if groups like their manager, they may not trust his or her judgment or ideas. There may also be unresolved conflict or other factors at play. Regardless, these are potential signs of distrust.

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2. Not paying attention to leadership in meetings

Look around the room in any one meeting, and you’ll see people yawning, looking at their phones, rolling their eyes, or looking frustrated. This isn’t necessarily a reflection of distrust for leadership, but when it becomes a regular occurrence within specific team meetings or with a particular person leading meetings, it’s more likely to be the case. If this is so, more often than not, there will also be some chatter by the coffee machine, in the lunchroom, or via Zoom or text message, about a lack of interest in attending specific leaders’ meetings. This may signal distrust.

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