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6 Signs You’ve Outgrown Your Current Job & Need a New One

Source | : By Rebecca James

In the United States, the average job term per person was a mere span of 4.2 years. Now, employees don’t wish to spend their sole career in the same organization. Furthermore, work satisfaction is more important than ever as the amount of time spent working gradually increases from each generation to the next.

Given how valuable this time is and the growing popularity of job hopping, it’s important to stay in tune with how you are feeling at your current job. Unsure about how you really feel? Here are some of the signs of being unmotivated and disinterested in work. Perhaps it’s time to consider signing that resignation letter. But before you do, gut check with these signs to uncover whether you’ve outgrown your current role.

Sign #1. Your job impacts your mood even after work

The level of your happiness elevates on weekends considering the environment of your workplace. If your boss perceives you as a partner and if you believe working in a trusted environment is necessary, then your happiness increases exponentially. On the contrary, if work conditions do not fulfill, then you might have a pretty low self-esteem which can affect your mood even during non-work hours.

To suss things out, ask your family and friends about your mood on the weekends. While occasional low points are to be expected, ask them whether or not your mood has seemed consistently sour. If so, it may be time for a change.

Sign #2. Professional development has plateaued

If you’re not dealing with new projects and are unable to learn anything new, then this might be the perfect time to resign. In an ever-changing era, it is imperative to learn new skills. This is essential for your long-term career.

Do not drain yourself over a job which doesn’t place importance on your goals – surviving and not adapting to change.

Be wary of investing in an organization that does not value skill enhancement. Discuss this with your manager and ask about working with different teams.


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