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6 Steps for Strategic Human Resource Development

Source | | Megha Shah

Companies run as well as the people they hire to do the right jobs in the right way for maximum results.

What is the Process of Effective Human Resource Management?

The human resources department of a company must be well versed in current management trends, and stay up to date in terms of emergent strategic orientations. The process of human resource development is based on which executives, managers, or employees conduct daily activities and maintain a level of enthusiasm among the workforce.

A strategy is the long-term planning that is developed and implemented by top management. These plans are used to seize opportunities and allocate resources. It includes plans to create new products, to acquire other companies, to sell unprofitable aspects of the business, to make shares available, and to enter international markets.

A strategic training process is also used to train executives, managers, and employees. Training prepares personnel for the dynamics of performance that arise in human behavior. It is done through training seminars, events, and programs.

Strategic human resource development has multiple benefits, including:

  • Increasing extrinsic and intrinsic job satisfaction
  • Boosted customer satisfaction
  • Effective and efficient use of resources
  • Development of a working environment
  • Making human resource development activities proactive and impactful
  • Equipping human resources to apply theoretical knowledge practically
  • Increasing productivity

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