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6 Steps to Becoming a Better Leader

If your work is not aligned with your values, take a deeper look to find work that is


I’ve coached professionals facing a number of challenges. In every scenario, we began by looking within. This strategy is often met with skepticism. After all, what do your insides have to do with leading a team or meeting business objectives? Actually… a lot!

Let me tell you a story…

I once had a client we’ll call him “Joe.” He knew more management techniques and strategies than most business school professors, but he was struggling to lead his team. Productivity and morale were down and a key team member had left. Joe was low on energy and wondering if maybe he wasn’t cut out to lead.

By turning his focus inward, Joe uncovered his leader within, which he had been ignoring in favour of external advice and guidelines. By following the “experts” he overlooked his inner strengths that fired him up and made him Joe. Everything changed once he tapped into that. By bringing his unique strengths forward he became confident he could identify the advice that was best for him. His newfound energy began to rub off on his team — productivity and collaboration picked up.

By leading himself first, Joe became a stronger leader to his team. How can you make this happen for you?

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