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6 steps to develop Self confidence now

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Self-confidence means to recognise yourself and treat yourself well. You have often heard motivational speakers say; that you are unique and that there is not a second you on this planet. It does give you a motivational boost when you listen to them. That definitely makes you feel better. However you did not have a practice that can keep you in that state of thought and feeling. So, the question is, what can I do to keep my self-confidence and self-respect high? So, here are the 6 steps to being self-confident now.

Own Responsibility

The first step is to accept responsibility. None of us like where we are for long! We want to move forward and be better than what we are today. But, dislike won’t take you further. It will only make you feel more miserable. Remember, self-confidence is all about the journey. It’s not only about getting there.

Taking responsibility for where I am at this moment is the first step to being self-confident. You are here because of the choices you made. Don’t like this place, make new choices.

Did you know that what you think and feel causes a vibrational shift in your being ness and affects every little or large thing in this Universe? This is real. Everything you think and feel does cause a shift. If something awesome or awful happens somewhere, may be your thought triggered that happening! Don’t just brush it off. Believe it for now so that, when your mind has shifted from your current space, you’ll know just how powerful your thoughts and feelings are. So, your first step is to accept responsibility for what you think and feel.

I’d like to share something experience of how your thoughts and feelings actually manifest.

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