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6 Strategies for Digital Learning Revisited

Source | LinkedIn : By Samir Mehta

About 2 years ago, Holly Downs and I authored a white paper on 6 strategies for digital learning success, specifically in leadership development. This paper was well received and got republished in a large number of other trade publications. We started to discuss these strategies with our clients and peers in the industry and they resonated across the board.

I also noticed a great deal of marketing about disrupting learning and have been seeing a continued marketing approach that follows the general pattern of

  1. <Insert industry> is broken. In our case, learning and development
  2. We are tech entrepreneurs previously with <insert Silicon Valley firm here>
  3. We are disrupting the industry with technology with <2 or more words from this list scalable, blockchain, AI, machine learning, cloud (so 2015)>

And yet – people still seem to behave like people. They need to know why a learning initiative matters, they are busy at work, they want to become better leaders and they want to advance in their careers.

In spite of all these amazing new technologies, how we leverage tech is far more important than what tech we leverage.

The 6 strategies that we shared seemed to continue to be relevant and seemed to surprise our clients in their simple, yet not simplistic nature.

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