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6 Team Building Biz Retreat Ideas Your Co-Workers Won’t Hate

By | Sierra Powell

Various people find team building as forced interaction, so you need to find team-building activities that are fun to engage in. There are various team-building biz retreat ideas that your co-workers won’t hate.

Scavenger Hunt

Finding ‘X’ in a treasure hunt always brings excitement. Organizing a scavenger hunt is easy, and you will need to split your team into smaller groups. The groups will then have to find ‘X’ based on given clues. For a team to win, they will need to work together, encouraging teamwork and cooperation. The scavenger hunt is a fun game, and it creates healthy competition among co-workers and makes them understand the importance of working as a team to reach their goals. You can decide to do a scavenger hunt indoors or take the game outdoors with your co-workers.

The Great Egg Drop

You know how an egg breaks easily when it slips from your hand. You probably have played the excellent egg drop in the middle class, and it is a fantastic game for team building. You will need to divide your team into smaller groups, and each group will have to create a contraption that will protect the egg from breaking when it falls. It is not easy, and the team members will need to work together to bring their ideas to the table to save the egg successfully. The great egg drop will encourage creative thinking and incorporate problem-solving skills. Depending on where your retreat will be, you can provide the team members with materials, or they can create their own from scratch.

Escape Room

The escape room is a fun team-building activity, and it never gets old. For the escape room, you will divide your co-workers into groups. You will then lock a group in a room for either thirty minutes or one hour. During that period, they will have to solve various riddles puzzles, and the aim is to escape. The faster they answer the questions, the faster they will leave the room. The game gets fun when a team has to stay in the room for long because they cannot get answers. Escape rooms encourage critical thinking and teamwork. Each member of the team needs to cooperate to help the steam escape. Make sure to check out the amazing games at Exit Lab Houston.

Board Games

Board games are a great way of bringing people together. Carrying various board games to your business retreat will help a lot in team building. Some of the fun board games are Jenga, scrabble, monopoly, and chess. You will testify how your co-worker will enjoy the board games when you bring out the idea after long sitting hours. The board games will loosen the team and relieve them from work-related pressure. It will also enhance teamwork because people will want to work together to win the game.

Personality Quiz

Your co-workers have different personalities that make them unique. In the personality quiz, each person will fill the questions on the personality test and get to know their personality type. Later on, get together as a team and let everyone share their personality type. It will help the co-workers understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Also, everyone should be allowed to explain how they handle various situations and respond to multiple issues at work. With a better understanding of your co-worker, it becomes easy for you to work together and increase productivity.

Campfire Stories

Sitting down together and making stories is an excellent way of team building. Most people love listening to stories, especially real-life stories. Going to Hudson Valley camping could be an excellent business retreat where you and your co-workers can camp and have a campfire and share stories and answer thoughtful questions. Everyone has life experiences that have taught them various life lessons. Sharing the stories will help the team members learn different life hacks to help them when at work and home. The co-workers can also share stories on their work experiences because they have different experiences at the workplace.

Work is home away from home, and you need to create a good bond with your co-workers. Team building activities help co-workers build a great team or strengthen an existing team.

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