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6 Tips on How to Be a Leader Others Can Learn From

In times of change and volatility, leaders should model a growth mindset and take a future-forward approach


Leading by example has never been so necessary. In today’s uncertain landscape, people are looking for more guidance and leadership than ever — on how to act, what to read, who to follow and what to believe.

For business leaders, this means there’s a big opportunity to demonstrate and articulate the types of behaviors and actions that you hope to see in your workforce. In response to such change and volatility, leaders should aim to model a growth mindset and improve skills like resilience and adaptability. By setting an example of continuous learning, leaders allow their teams and other employees to feel comfortable taking time to learn new skills as well.

A “practice what you preach” approach to learning isn’t always easy, but it can be very impactful as a way to create a learning culture. Consider these six approaches to lead by example effectively in challenging times.

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1. Change your mindset

How can you lead your team to embrace learning? It’s important to first examine your own thought processes and teach yourself to “mine for gold.” As learners, we tend to dwell on what didn’t succeed. Instead, think about what was learned from any experience, whether it went well or not. Even when you “win,” consider how you can apply key takeaways in the future.

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