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Data is king in every industry and HR is no different


Data is king in every industry. Being able to make data-driven decisions is often what spells the difference between business failure and success.

When it comes to HR, the situation is no different. HR teams can, and should, use data to make better decisions, better understand and analyze the business impact of people, and improve leadership’s decision-making processes when it comes to people matters.

UNLEASH’s recent “Why HR Projects Fail” report found that a staggering 84% of respondents had been unable to successfully launch an HR project. As a result of the research, UNLEASH identified eight golden rules that seek to help HR professionals overcome these challenges.

As you can probably imagine, not having access to clean or ready data was the most frequently encountered challenge for HR tech projects. In fact, almost a third (30%)
of respondents told us they faced this problem, and only 11% of those who did were able to report highly successful outcomes.

With this in mind, here’s why your organization needs unpolluted data and how you can actually go about cleaning it.

Why you need clean data

First things first, data cleansing is not as scary as it sounds. It essentially refers to the process whereby data is cleaned, tidied, or deleted.

Once this is done, you can rest assured that your business will be left with data that is relevant and accurate. You’ll be able to leverage people analytics and data to significantly improve your recruitment and employee experience.

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