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6 Tips to Reduce Employee Stress at Work

By | Andre Oentoro

Everyone who works must have felt stressed. Of course, this can be annoying because it can interfere with the mental and physical condition.

That’s why knowing how to deal with work stress is important for every employee. Piled-up work often makes a person feel burdened and causes stress. Of course, this can be annoying because it can interfere with the mental and physical condition.

Several things can cause stress at work, such as endless work, workload, conflicts with co-workers, and an uncomfortable work environment. This condition can make the atmosphere in the work environment not good and can cause stress.

Stress can be overcome by doing several simple things, from exercising and adopting a healthy diet. In addition, some ways to deal with work stress can be applied. Here are six tips to reduce employee stress at work:

1. Take short breaks throughout the day

When you start getting workload or stress at work, you should consider taking a break from your work for the whole day. You can take a day or two off to recharge with enough rest. Ask for agreed-upon time off so you feel comfortable and have a good balance between work and personal life.

If your work assignment has a tight deadline and needs to be completed quickly, you can take a short break of a few hours doing something fun like reading a book, watching educational videos, or listening to music.

For example, if you work in the blockchain industry, you can watch compelling animated videos that explain your business skills like blockchain videos. Interestingly, you will still gain knowledge while resting and reducing stress.

2. Improve work environment

The next way to deal with work stress is to create a conducive and comfortable work environment. The atmosphere of the work environment is very influential on the psychological and physical condition of a person. Therefore, make sure to improve your work environment as a way to reduce work stress.

There are several things that you can do to create an enjoyable work environment, such as cleaning your workplace, putting plants on your work table, and keeping yourself away from the noise. That way, it will create a comfortable, calm atmosphere, and will overcome work stress.

3. Promote workplace flexibility

This system has been widely offered by giant companies, such as Google and Facebook. By allowing employees to occasionally work from home, they will increasingly appreciate the opportunity to work in an open-minded and visionary-minded office in the future.

It will also give them the freedom to choose so they will feel more humanized and improve their loyalty to your company.

4. Encourage social activity

When you start to feel burnout or stressed, you can begin interacting socially with other people and your co-workers. It can refresh your mind and get rid of stress due to work.

In addition, socializing with colleagues can also create closeness and high solidarity. So, try to talk to colleagues and ask them to relax for a while so that the mind and body become more relaxed.

5. Start with healthy habits

One way to reduce stress at work is through healthy living habits. When you start to have healthy habits, you will be able to balance your life and work.

There are some habits you should adopt and avoid to help you live a much healthier life. Things you have to do like sleep regularly, eat a healthy diet, and exercise. On the other hand, Things you need to avoid, such as staying up late, lack of activity, and eating irregularly.

You can watch some tutorial videos for exercising and explainer videos for a healthy diet. Once you do these dos and don’ts, you will be able to improve your work life with a calm mind, and good mental and physical health.

6. Try Practicing mindfulness

Mindfulness is when you are aware and focused on the moment you are experiencing without interpretation. It is almost the same as doing meditation to calm your mind and body. There are several things you can do, such as:

  • Sit in as comfortable a position as possible
  • Breathe normally
  • Try to focus on feeling each inhale and exhale

By doing the mindfulness activities mentioned above, you can reduce your stress level mentally and physically. So, you can restart your work and finish it to the fullest.


Stress is unavoidable in the work environment. You can’t just ignore this problem, there must be a way to deal with the stress that you apply so that you can still work productively.

There are already six ways to reduce stress at work that you can choose according to the stress level you are currently experiencing. In the end, you must find out what method is most appropriate for your situation when work pressure in the office is increasing.

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