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6 Tools to Add Instagram Widget on Your Website

Embedding Instagram widget on a website is one of the authentic ways to get more engagement. Here are some useful tools to add Instagram widget on a website

By | Reina Jones

How about using website audiences to increase your Instagram community? Or How about embedding a widget button on your website to contribute to higher visitor engagement?

Just like everyone else, brands also love ‘Gram’ these days especially as a marketing tool to showcase fresh content. In fact, Instagram is the most engaging and popular social media platform for both users and marketers for quite some time now.

In this digital age, there are millions of brands that are highly influenced by the fact that Instagram caters to the diverse ever-changing needs of the consumers.

Marketers who are juggling between various social media marketing strategies can opt for embedding social media feeds as Instagram feeds on their website.

From plugins to social media aggregator tools, there are innumerable rock-solid options when it comes to integrating Instagram with your website or displaying your feed on all devices to make them look good.

In this blog, we have penned down the ways to embed an Instagram widget on your website.

But first things first!

What is an Instagram Widget?

The Instagram Widget is an amalgamation of the latest Instagram posts that you can display on the sidebar or footer of your website.

Want to add Instagram posts to your site’s main content instead, you can take help from social media aggregator tools that allow you to collect and curate content from Instagram (via a brand profile, hashtags, or mention) into a single feed.

A good social media aggregator tool allows you to customize your own embeddable Instagram feeds widget, moderate it, analyze its performance and also let you get the content rights of user-generated content to repurpose it in your marketing campaign.

6 Tools to Embed Instagram Widget on Your Website

Here’s a list of the best social media aggregator tools for brands & businesses.


If you want to embed Instagram feeds on your website, then the user-friendly visual marketing tool- ‘SnapWidget’  is just so perfect for you.

It helps in automatically aggregate fresh content updates relating to your profile or a hashtag.

Apart from Instagram, these tools also help in collecting & curating feeds from Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to increase your followers.

Speaking of the features offered by SnapWidget, it comes with different layouts, theme choices, sizes, and more customization elements for your Instagram widget according to your requirements.

Along with trust and engagement, you can also turn your Instagram widget into a source of revenue generation. For this, you need to embed one of the newest features of Instagram i.e. Shoppable posts on your website.


This social media aggregator tool helps you in collecting content from Instagram (via a brand profile, hashtags, or mentions, etc.) & curating it into a feed.

With many more possibilities & functionalities, the Taggbox widget also offers a variety of powerful features like Customization, Moderation, Analytics, and more.

In short, leverage the Taggbox widget tool to maximize your website’s performance & returns by embedding an Instagram widget on your website.


Want to upgrade your website without coding to increase sales, engage visitors, collect leads, and more?

If yes, then Elfsight is another good choice for embedding Instagram feeds on your website.

Saving both the time & money of the marketers, this social media aggregator tool grows your business faster.

With the features like customization, you can change the look & feel of your Instagram widget within a few minutes.

While you can also track the most important metrics of your widget to see its true value for your website.

It allows brands & businesses to choose a widget for your website task and increase visitor engagement, boost conversions, generate leads, provide customer support, and more.


In case you own a WordPress website, the Instagram feeds WordPress widget is also a great option to integrate an engaging Instagram widget on your website.

This tool comes with amazing functionalities and features without much hassle or expertise.


Enhance your website content with Instagram images, attract new viewers, and strengthen your online presence.

Take help from one of the best social media aggregator tools, Tagembed that offers various features such as customization (to apply themes, designs, banners, etc.), moderation (to eliminate the unwanted content), insightful analytics (to monitor the performance of your feeds), and more.

It offers a Forever Free plan and can be set-up without a hassle-free coding process. So, be ready to grow the level of engagement on your site with the Instagram widget.


If you are looking for a responsive widget for Instagram, then you are in the right place.

You can generate various types of widgets with multiple options like grid, slideshow, and columns, & embed it on your website using Light Widget.

You can write your own custom CSS with this fast-loading widget to adjust it as per your needs.

Also, the hashtag filtering option gives you the power to show posts with given hashtags only.


In a nutshell, Instagram is a hub of a plethora of opportunities for marketers therefore Instagram widget is a perfect solution for brands & businesses in modern times.

With minimum investment and human resources, this social media marketing tactic provides massive rewards (financial & non-financial) for both the website and brand.

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