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6 Trending Part-Time Jobs for Women in 2020

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Women find many advantages with part-time jobs that they would not in their usual 9-5 work.

Part-time jobs leave you with enough time to do your personal errands or fulfill your family responsibilities. 

They are a great career option when you want to quit your full-time job, but don’t want to stop working altogether. 

They are also ideal jobs for women who want two incomes and are able to juggle both jobs successfully. 

Many women who cannot work full time opt for part-time jobs to stay involved and updated. 

Despite the general complaint that part-time jobs are less financially stable than full-time ones, there are many opportunities for flexible work coming up in the market now more than ever. 

JobsForHer rounds up 6 part-time roles that are trending and lucrative!

1. Online Customer Support

This is one of the part-time jobs for women that are quite easy to do. 

An online customer support executive needs to present a pleasant personality and good chatting etiquette. 

An online customer support executive has to usually solve queries online through an online chatting software or through emails. 

There’s very less calling involved, as nowadays people prefer to have their queries solved as quickly as possible, without having to go through the automated systems on a phone call.

The main skills required for this kind of job are:

  • Problem-solving skills
  • The ability to empathise with customers
  • Conflict resolution and de-escalation skills

Many organisations also offer these job roles with work-from-home options, with attractive salary packages.

Applicants for these jobs need to have a laptop with fast-speed internet and good power backup.

Apply to this kind of job here.

2. Business Development Manager

If you are a woman who is entrepreneurial by nature and are interested in helping businesses grow, then this job is for you.

Business Development Managers typically need to:

  • Understand the organisation and its products
  • Identify new clients who can be a perfect fit
  • Help create tools and processes that aid in automation
  • Use digital marketing strategies to increase brand presence

Good communication skills and experience are bonuses for applicants.

Many opportunities in this field also have work-from-home options and flexible timings.

Apply to these jobs here.

3. Sales

Sales part-time jobs for women are becoming good ways of making money lately. 

There is a good amount of income that comes from commission and bonus in this job. 

Part-time sales jobs may include cold calling, closing sales deals, lead generation, scheduling appointments between the customers and field sales agents, etc. 

Just like in customer support, the skills required here are a pleasant personality on phone, and a knack for handling various types of customers. 

Sales departments in most companies get paid handsomely. 

So, the better you are at getting results by closing sales targets, the more chances there are of you getting bonuses or commissions on your work.
Apply to this kind of job here.

4. Teaching

Looking for a high-impact career even though you want to work part-time? Part-time teaching jobs are ideal for women who want flexible work timings. 

If you have a passion for teaching and working with students, this is the job for you. 

You can opt to teach a course online over a teaching portal’s platform, or tie up with a learning organisation to deliver course material in the comfort of your own home.

Most companies that look for part-time teachers to partner with also offer training before the work can begin.

So, this is a good option for women who have no prior experience in teaching.

Many organisations these days do not ask for a franchise fee or an investment to set up your teaching practice. 

All you need for your career restart as a part-time teacher is an entrepreneurial spirit and an enthusiasm to teach!

Apply to these jobs here.

5. Social Media Marketing

Do you have a knack for navigating Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and a host of other social media channels?

If yes, then it’s time to put your skills to good use.

Social media marketers need to:

Have good writing skills

  • Employ a creative mindset
  • Conduct audience research
  • Understand SEO and web traffic
  • Be on top of digital marketing trends

It’s the job of the social media marketing specialist to manage their organisation’s brand presence on social media.

This job can be done from the comfort of your home, so many companies offer these roles with flexible timings.

Apply to this kind of job here.

6. Recruitment Consultant

All companies need to find and hire qualified candidates and, therefore, employ qualified and specialised recruitment specialists.

However, there is no set rule that this job needs to be done at the office, so many organisations either outsource their recruitment departments or take on recruitment consultants.

Recruitment consultants are usually asked to:

Select and screen candidate resumes based on the organisation’s requirements

  • Conduct initial interviews, usually over the phone
  • Manage databases on new recruits
  • Aid in the onboarding process

You can become a consultant and take on recruitment requirements for more than one organisation at a time. 

Requirements for this job role are good communication skills, a stable phone and internet connection, and plenty of enthusiasm.

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