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6 Unusual Exercises to Effectively Increase Your Creativity Faster Than Ever

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Although a vast majority of people think that creativity is something you are born with, the truth is a bit different. While we cannot deny that you need natural talent to a certain extent, stimulating creative thinking is indeed a matter of practice. If you give this thought a bit of thinking, you can realize pretty quickly that even the most fascinating and creative minds have faced the lack of creativity at some point in their lives.

Here are 6 effective exercises to increase creativity easily and faster than ever:

1. Finish the given picture

As the name suggests, this exercise involves getting a simple unfinished picture you need to complete yourself. The method has been used widely since the 1960s and has proven to be very helpful when you need to increase your creativity. It is fascinating to see how a few simple lines and shapes can inspire you to create a completely new picture.

Moreover, the method is highly helpful when you feel the pressure or the consequences of burnout. Taking your mind and thoughts off the burning issues and creating something surprisingly imaginative and eye catching will boost your confidence and your enthusiasm will make a difference.

2. Turn your whole world upside down

When you need to increase your creativity, it helps considerably to observe the items in your surroundings from a different perspective. For example, choose a picture of a person’s face. Then, do your best to draw the face upside-down. Although it might feel a bit unusual in the beginning, the aim of this exercise is to focus on lines, shapes, and colors instead of concentrating on presenting the face as realistic as you can.

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