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6 Ways to Delegate the Right Job to the Right Person

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Successful managers get to the top by knowing how and when to effectively delegate. Being able to use your human resources wisely makes both you and your team better.

But when the time comes to delegate, you might find yourself doing a delicate dance. It’s your job to delegate work, but it might not be obvious what tasks should go to which employee.

One option is to fake it: Gather your team together, outline the project tasks to be done, and let your employees choose what they want to be responsible for.

It might be easier, but it’s less effective. Why? Because employees respond better when they feel they’ve been chosen for a particular task, rather than having to volunteer for it.

Delegating specific work to a specific employee tells that employee his manager feels he’s the best one to get that job done right. This encourages more investment in getting it right.

Plus, it eliminates competitive squabbling among employees; if the directives come right from the boss, there’s no use fighting over who’s doing what. This is especially critical if you manage a large team filled with even larger personalities.

So, it’s important to get the delegating dance done right. This comes with an instinct about which employees are best suited to which tasks.

Here are six ways to help you do it gracefully – and ensure no one gets left out:

1) Delegate Busy Work to Your Most Task-Focused Employee

These are your employees who never want to be bored or don’t crave too much downtime. They’ll pound the tedious and repetitive stuff out quickly and be ready for more when it comes.

Just don’t pile all the busy work on one person all the time. And emphasize to that employee how important those tasks are to the overall project. Otherwise, employees could get the impression they’re only around to do the things no one else wants.

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