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6 Ways to Make Better Decisions

Source | | Mick Ukleja

How do leaders leverage themselves, especially in the area of making good decisions? Group input is highly valuable for the best decisions; however, overconfidence can cause a leader to go solo when he or she feels it suits them. This usually leads to the erosion of others’ confidence in the executive’s ability to lead.

There are two myths that distort the process:

Myth 1: Decisions should be made at the highest level.

Decisions made at the highest level are not always the best decisions for the organization. When this happens, problems are not solved—they are temporarily postponed. If this person is surrounded with like-minded thinkers, then the illusion of a good decision might lull them into a feeling of comfort with the situation.

Myth 2: Good decisions result from consensus.

One element that fosters good decision-making is to see an issue from multiple angles. Without this, there’s no divergence from accepted normsno diversity of thought and no dissension.

This doesn’t automatically happen, nor is it our natural tendency. It must be intentional with built-in mechanisms that ensure more than one perspective. This fosters creative solutions.

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